Corona art

The world seems to exist in a state of equipoise. Therefore, in the face of disaster, we see unity, and the kindness of people increases. In the wake of isolation and deprivation, we make art and imaginations flourish. All we can do when the world we know is stripped away, is be inspired to be kind, to adapt, and to create.






The world outside is quiet and loud,

After parliament dismantled the crowds.

No one to pass you on the street,

When socialisation became obsolete.

Waiting at home for the storm to decrease,

Watching the incline of our deceased.

A silent killer, stalks by your window,

And keeping doors shut might stem the flow,

Of catastrophe, for you; but for others, no luck.

The wards of our hospitals are rattled and shook.

An enemy is let loose, preying on the weak,

Our defences worsened by the havoc that it wreaks.

Destroying the vulnerable, the elderly, the young.

Around the NHS and economy, a noose is tightly wrung.

Quarantined with no income, just plenty soap and water.

Glory to the frontlines, witnessing the slaughter.

Islands in the stream* of a pandemic never seen,

What lengths we’ve stretched in battle against COVID-19.

And now we stand together (though, keeping a metre apart),

Sanitiser in our pockets, determination in our hearts.

Disaster may tear us down, but ultimately it binds us,

Flesh and bone, united as one, to stomp out a deadly virus.


by Amy-Le Owens


* Yep, that is a tribute to Kenny Rogers.

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