5 affordable vegan home-cooked meals


Here’s a few meal ideas for any new or established vegans out there. It really doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Hope you enjoy!


1. Burgers and chips.

Nice and easy.

All you need is some burgers (Linda McCartney £2), buns (50p), potatoes and oil for homemade oven chips (£2), or frozen if you haven’t got time to prep (£2). Fry a bit of kale with some chilli flakes for a touch of greenery (£2). Add cheese and sauces to your liking.

2. Stir fry.

Fry some Quorn chicken pieces (£2) with some tender stem broccoli (£1.50). Add a shredded sweetheart cabbage (£1), garlic and chillies (50p), noodles (1.50) and a sachet of stir fry sauce (£1).

3. Curry and rice.

This is really quick and easy meal that we often make for our lunches.

Fry some of Iceland’s no-chick-vegan-strips (£2) with kale (£1) or tender stem broccoli. Microwave some Quinoa and wholegrain rice from Lidl (60p) and add a curry sauce. We used Mayflower curry sauce, available at Home and Bargains (£2).

4. Risotto.

Fry some Linda McCartney sausages (£2) with some broccoli (£1) or peas. Microwave rice (60p) then add to the frying pan with some garlic, oat cream (£1.50), and a big squeeze of marmite for some cheese flavouring without the calories.

5. Roast Dinner.

The king of all meals.

I buy a bag of stewing veg (£1) and use the turnip and half the carrots for mash, and the remaining carrots and parsnip for roasting with the potatoes. I boil the broccoli and cauliflower in stock (£2) then add half a carton of oat cream (£1.50), some marmite and grated Violife cheese for a cheesy sauce (£2). Lot of gravy (£1).



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