The Personality Test


I recently took a personality test in work, and the results were creepily accurate. I’ll provide a link at the end if you fancy a look. The test results comprise of 16 different personality types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

I was dubbed an ‘advocate’ which is actually the rarest personality type, accounting for only 1% of the population (and, as my partner pointed out, sounds the most like avocado, and I do love avocados). As a vegan, I guess it makes sense. I’m an advocate for animal rights. The test also provides you with letters, which represent you in more depth, e.g. I received an F for feelings (also accurate, I’m very sensitive) and J, which means judgemental (again, correct. As a vegan, you judge the world as it is and try to stand against it) and IN, introvert. (No surprises there). I think a lot of writers are introverted. For me, writing is a way to communicate the things I struggle to verbalise. It takes me a long time just to send a text, because I obsess over every word.

I think the personality test is a good thing. As humans we often seek confirmation of things, and to read your personality in black and white is an experience of clarity and understanding. It’s also a way to take notice of the traits you are not so proud of, and work on bettering yourself, if you wish to. At the bottom of the results page you can see famous representatives of your personality type, which I think is really encouraging, given that your behaviours and actions could ultimately lead you to success. The advocate representatives included a wide spectrum of people, from the Elven characters of LOTR, to mother Teresa and Nelson Mandala.


My partner received ‘debater’ (again, quite rare, accounting for only 3% of the population) which he disagreed with (typical debater), right up until the moment he read the strengths and weaknesses. Debaters argue a lot (even when they’re not sure if they’re right, as I have witnessed first-hand), and since reading that, my partner has realised how much his mind gravitates towards vocalising an opinion (even coming up with debates in his own head, just in case the topic pops up at a later date). There are a lot of scientist, inventors and forward-thinkers with this personality type, e.g. Thomas Edison and Mark Twain, which is unsurprising, given that these people like to question everything, thoroughly. Chandler Bing from Friends is another example of a debater, and one that resonates with my partner as he is a stand-up comedian.


Another great reason to take this personality test, other than trying to understand yourself better, is because you can focus on pursuing a career that works well with you. As I said, my partner is a stand-up comedian and this line of work is perfect for him. His mind works in a unique, engaging way, which translates really well on stage. I, myself, am trying to pursue a career in writing, because I’m massively anti-social, and writing helps me to communicate. It’s how I drain the struggles from my mind and transform them into something positive, and potentially beautiful. And we both feel a sense of purpose in pursuing these dream jobs. It is a relief to feel like you are on the right track, even if it’s years before you arrive at your destination.

Link here.



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