Visiting Edgar’s Mission

If you haven’t heard about Edgar’s mission and the miracles taking place there, allow me to enlighten you…


Edgar’s mission is not for profit, farm animal rescue, seeking a better world for us all. Their motto is: “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?” And what a great motto it is.

When booking your visit to Edgar”s mission you must secure a slot in advance on their website, though it is completely free to go! A donation is optional, and I highly recommend sparing at least a fiver if you can, as the work these people do is astounding!


The tour begins in Victoria’s countryside on a 153 acre plot of paradise. Our guide, and one of the rescue dogs, gave a brief introduction before leading us to the first area of the sanctuary. Chickens.


We were shown how intelligent these lovely ladies were via a trick for treats. The tour guide placed down a number of disk, each one with a picture of a farm animal on it, and when asked to peck the relevant picture, the chicken did so, right before guzzling down her reward. Amazing!

On route to our next location, we acquired a couple of friends. Broiler turkeys (turkeys used for meat) are white in colour and bred to grow abnormally large, which puts so much strain on their limbs and organs. These two fella’s took great pride in showing off their feathers, strutting round like they owned the place.

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In the pig enclosure, our guide informed us about how much the pigs adored belly rubs, and that if you scratched them just right, they made the hilarious noise of pure delight. I was lucky enough to hear that noise, and it was, as promised, hilarious. These gentle, intelligent creatures seemed so at peace on the sanctuary; it was truly heart warming to see.

Out in the fields, we were given a box of Weetabix (or, Weet-Bix, as they call them in AUS) to share with the animals. Our first stop was with the sheep, and they loved the attention. On the contrary to being sheepish, these guys were quite boisterous; hungry for treats and cuddles. We also got to see a lovely lamb in a wheelchair, carting around as freely as the rest, and that was a real tearjerker.


Now, we were not allowed in the cow enclosure, as these guys were positively HUGE and could cause some serious damage with a nonchalant nudge. But, when we arrived at the gates they flocked to greet us. Clearly, they knew the drill: guests means treats. They were happy to be stroked as their humongous blue tongues wrapped around our hands to secure themselves a Weetabix – they were like tiny croutons to them.

Next, we met some darling deer. They were beige with white dappled backs, just like Bambi! These ladies took a bit more coaxing as they are naturally skittish, but it made the experience even more rewarding when they eventually decided to approach.

Edgar’s mission is a MUST DO if you are visiting Victoria. As I said earlier, it is free to attend and it is such an amazing, educational experience. Find out more about their incredible accomplishments here.  You can even adopt a buddy and receive regular updates on their progress!


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