Natural Cycles, honest review


I’ve been using the Natural Cycles app and thermometer for almost a year now, and I wanted to write about the pros and cons of natural contraception, in case anyone out there was curious about joining in.


If you have never heard of Natural Cycles, it is an app that allows you to measure and monitor your menstrual cycle. It displays your green days and red days, so you know when it is safest to have sex, and when you should wear protection.


Although I have read some horror stories about people falling pregnant using this method (including a friend of mine), I am left questioning whether these people followed the rules of the app religiously, as I myself have had no near misses – so far. (My friend had sex on a red day, in case you were wondering).


So, without further or do, the pros:

  • I cannot adequately express how much better my head feels having got rid of the pill. My hormones feel balanced, my moods are level. Things that used to bother me, just don’t seem to matter anymore. From a mental perspective, Natural Cycles has helped me out A LOT.
  • I have stuck to the measuring routine rigorously, and I am yet to fall pregnant, so, that’s a massive pro.


And the cons:

  • You do have to measure your temperature everyday in order for the app’s algorithm to give you an accurate reading. This didn’t bother me too much. I was just replacing the chore of taking a pill with the chore of measuring, but I know some people might find this annoying.
  • At first, when the pill was working its way out of my system, I turned into a little bit of a monster. I hated everything and everyone, I was very sad and very agitated. BUT, when you get past that storm, it is alllll smooth sailing from then on. My storm lasted a month or two.
  • This con is personal to me, and it may not happen to everyone as our bodies are all unique, but, I have developed a slight spot problem since moving over to natural contraception. It happened about 6 months in and I’ve been treating my skin with AVC which seems to be working. Just beware, you may get spotty.


All in all, I’m so happy with the results of Natural Cycles and I would recommend natural contraception over the pill any day. It has brought calmness to my mind and productiveness to my life. Worth every penny!







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